Invest and spend with Pluto

Self-repaying loans: Spend your future yield today

Deposit your collateral.

Let your collateral generate daily profits.

Borrow your future yield.

No liquidation risks.


Your collateral generates an approximate annual return
of 70 yUSDC and the loan will be paid in 6.56 years

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What is pUSD?

pUSD is backed by future interest generated by the collateral. pUSD are minted at the time of disbursement, and are burned as soon as they are used to repay a debt.

Pluto Loans will always consider 1 pUSD to be worth 1 USD within its platform, regardless of its market price.

What is the benefit for Pluto?

PlutoDAO will charge 10% of the profit generated by the interest of the collateral invested by the users.

Money raised will always be used to fund operations and work on improving yield-generating strategies.

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How does it work?

Pluto Loans in 3 easy steps.

Get a loan on the spot, without complications.

Use funds in your Stellar account as collateral to get a loan. Complete the application in minutes. Get a loan of 50% of your future yield in pUSD.

Confirm your loan

Once your loan is confirmed, Pluto will start working for you and the interest earned on your collateral will self-pay your loan. 

Check the status of your loan

You will be able to see how much of your loan has been repaid at all times, or you can pay it off at any time to get your collateral back.


When you deposit your assets on our platform and get a loan, we put your money to work to automatically pay off the requested loan. This means that you never have to worry about repaying the loan. Once the debt is paid off,  you can recover your collateral AND apply for a new loan.

You can withdraw your initial collateral as long as there is no balance to apy on a loan you have requested. While loans pay off automatically over time, you can manually pay off your loan at any time and withdraw your initial collateral.

It depends on several factors, but approximately 5.5 years are to self-pay the debt. Remember that you can always cancel the debt at any time by paying the remaining balance manually.

Pluto earns 10% of the interest generated by the TREASURY. The TREASURY is the accumulated deposits of all investors together with the PLUTO’s capital contributions. Aditionally, the TREASURY will increase when users withdraw their deposits paying off the debt with yUSDC.

Your collateral is safe in our vaults, and you’ll be able to get it back whenever you want.

When time passes and the debt has been paid off, you can withdraw your collateral.

Or, you can always get back your collateral earlier, paying back the remaining debt with any asset.

1.- Exchange it on the DEX
2.- Invest it in the yUSDC/pUSD liquidity pool, earning 0.03%
3.- Invest it in Pluto AMM, earning 0.03% + other benefits